About Me: Worker Bee

Non-profit Leader and Consultant. Organizational Strategy. Operations Frameworks. Media Consultant. Small Business Consultant.

Compassionate Consulting, Friendly Professionalism
My extensive background in non-profit leadership and direction, non-profit consulting, project management, fundraising, social media management, corporate administration, and the creative arts paired with what more than one previous client has called my “friendly professionalism” due to my compassionate approach, efficiency, and ability to be cheerfully detail oriented, hence the nickname “Mary Poppins”, make me ideally suited to help any individual, group, non-profit organization or company.

With a focus on team building, infrastructure building, leadership coaching, work culture, capacity frameworks, employee care and retention, creative direction, operations frameworks and design, organization identity cohesion, external engagement, marketing, and communications strategy, I help teams and individuals reach their full potential.

I invite you to take a look at my service description below to see just some but not all of the work I’ve done before and thus can do for you as well. I invite you to look at my resume page for employment details. I also encourage you to check out my “Buzz” page to see some of my reviews from previous clients.

Consulting and Support Description

Here are just some, but not all of what I provide as a Consultant, Strategist, and Project Manager. These qualifications along with other details about my experience and employment history are listed on the resume page as well:

  • Non-profit, small business, and creative arts consulting –
    • Team building, Infrastructure building, Leadership coaching, Work Culture, Capacity frameworks, Employee Care and Retention, Creative Direction, Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Organizational strategy –
    • Operations frameworks and design, Development, Client Engagement, Identity and Brand cohesion, Administration Management
  • Special Projects facilitation
  • Project and team management
  • Social Media management – creation and maintenance
  • Marketing and Social Media outreach program design and facilitation

Additional specialized skills that help inform my work –

  • Full planning and implementation of non-profit fundraising programs
    and events
  • Organization of academic colloquiums and seminars
  • Special event and conference organization at both the corporate
    and non-profit level
  • Member management
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • HR and Management of administrative staff and interns –
    recruitment, payroll, project reviews
  • Writing, Editing, and Proofreading: Blogs, Social Media,
    Newsletters, Reviews, Articles, Academic Papers, Pitch Letters, Books
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Executive Administrative services
  • Wedding and party planning
  • Music supervision for events and film
  • Booking and feature requests for Musicians and Singers

I’ve also applied my services and skill set to production work for film, television, social media marketing, and podcasts, I invite you to learn more about that here – Library Card Productions.